Engagements: Skyler & Megan

January 19, 2018

“Skyler and I met the summer of my junior year and summer of his senior year of high school. My friend and I were on the way to the Canyon County Fair when I got a phone call from one of my other friends that asked me if I wanted to go on a blind date with a guy named Skyler. My friend and I honestly forgot how to get to the fair so we agreed to meet up with everyone and tag along until we got bored and wanted to split off. Once we met up with everyone I knew there was something special about this guy, and my friend and I decided to hang out because we were having a really good time! After we met at the fair we started to get to know each other for a couple of months, AKA nightly milkshake dates to Hamburger Connection, he asked me out and by the time school started we were dating! Our nightly milkshake dates in his Jeep continued and by the time it was the end of the school year we only had one last summer together before Skyler went off to The University of Idaho. We spent a year apart while he was up at school and I had the privilege to visit him a few times and fell in love with the school. I feel that we grew closer than ever when we did long distance because I really realized how much he meant to me when I didn’t get to see him or talk face to face with him. Face time and phone calls just made us miss each other more. That next year after I graduated from high school I joined Skyler at The University Of Idaho and four years later we graduated college together! Skyler landed a great job in Utah and about 2 months after graduation he convinced me to move down to Utah from Idaho so that we didn’t have to deal with long distance again. We got engaged in October at the most beautiful lake and saying yes was the easiest answer I ever gave.  Within the 6 years that Skyler and I have been together I always felt love and protection. We still go get milkshakes at Hamburger Connection when we’re back in Idaho and we always park in the same spot where we always sat and ate. Every day has been an adventure together whether it’s finding a new hike on the weekends, or tired nights after work watching a movie together. Getting to marry Skyler can’t come soon enough, I always knew I could see Skyler in my future, and I can’t wait to see what our future together will look like.”


This was seriously one of my favorite engagements! I had heard of this gorgeous location up one of the canyons near where I lived and it was the perfect spot to take their engagements! The snow started coming down and it was PURE MAGIC! I can’t wait for their wedding day!


kylee olivia

  1. Rachel Cottrell says:

    I can NOT even handle my emotions right now. GORGEOUS photos and that snow!!! All the heart eyes for this shoot!

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