Photography: 4 Tips to Crushing Your Photo Outfit Game!

January 25, 2018

You spoke and I have listened!! Thank you to everyone who gave me input on my what content to share with you next! Majority wanted to know how to SLAY their photo outfit game!! Which I am happy to give advice on! I think we have all been there: stressing out about what to wear the night before our big photo session whether that is engagements, family or senior photos! So I have put together 4 Tips to Nailing Your Photo Outfits!  Enjoy!!


  1. PLAN AHEAD! I know this can be difficult! But the more time you have to plan the easier it will be to find the perfect outfit! By looking ahead you maaaaaay even be able to find the cutest top in your closet of clothes instead of deciding that Target is the only solution left haha! Even though we all like a good target excuse… 😉
  2. Being matchy matchy was so last year! Hahaha  in all seriousness you don’t have to wear the exact same flannel button up for your outfits to look on point! Actually I would highly recommend against it! Don’t focus on being alike. It’s ok it you wear cream and he wears grey. Look for colors that compliment! You will thank me later;)
  3. Since we are on the topic of colors AVOID NEONS AND WEIRD PRINTS!! It’s ok to leave your favorite neon pink shirt at home and not wear your lighting bolt printed leggings! Haha while those may actually be cute I guarantee you and your friends will find yourselves looking at the prints and colors instead of YOU! Find colors that blend and don’t distract or take away from the scenery or you. Its ok to add a pop or plum or mustard but keep it tasteful! J
  4. Talk to your photographer!! I guarantee they have been around the block once or twice and have seen many different outfit combinations! Both good and bad haha! I know I personally LOVE when my clients reach out to me for outfit ideas! I have like 5 different pinterest boards chalked full of outfit inspriration for every kind of session and season! I love to send them to my clients and help them dress to impress! J


I hope you enjoyed these four simple steps to loving your outfit choice! For more tips and tricks be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my blog! Feel free to comment below your thoughts on this post! Liked it? Loved it? Gonna use it? Let me know beloooow!



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