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January 31, 2018

Hudson and I try to take advantage of the weekends I don’t have packed full of shoots! So when we had little plans this weekend we knew we had to do something fun!! I have always wanted to go to the Midway Ice Castles but each winter comes and goes and I’ve never been able to go! We talked with our friends and made plans with them to go and were able to snag the last tickets that Saturday which happened to be at 10 o’ clock and we were so excited to go! 

After my Saturday morning shoot we loaded up the car and said “PEACE OUT LOGAN” and headed on our way!! We didn’t really have any firm plans and just kind of decide to go where the road takes us! Our first stop was Smith & Edwards! Hudson’s friend told him about it so we checked out this MASSIVE Costco sized country store!!! Of course it happened to be the same day as their annual gun auction and let me tell you not a single car in the parking lot and trucks were lined down the road haha I think Hudson was a little bummed we didn’t take his Chevy truck haha! 

After that we were starving and decided to check out the Red Iguana that we had heard so much about! It was SO yummy!!! Like literally amazing. Can’t rave about it enough! We highly recommend!! And so does Guy Fieri so don’t just take our word for it;)

A trip to SLC isn’t complete without a stop at City Creek so we checked out our favorite stores and tried on like every pair of sunglasses at Sunglass Hut! We stopped by Trader Joes to try their Coconut Milk Ice cream that my friend Audrey raved about and let me tell you it was AMAZING!! I loved the Strawberry and Hudson loved the Chocolate! We were even able to find his fav mini reeses cups there too!

We spent some time with my Aunt and cousin they were so sweet to let us stay at their home and treated us to some yummy Tai food!! We headed out to Midway and met up with our friends! The Ice Castles were AMAAAAAZZZZZIIIIIINNNNNGGGG! We were in awe! And kept wondering how on earth they made it! It felt like you were in Elsa’s castle! We went down slides and tried fitting through tiny little tunnels which was pretty funny! It was a lot of fun and we definitely want to make it an annual thing!

Sunday we were able to spend time with some of our family that lives in the area and have a yummy Sunday dinner! I tried deer steak and actually loved it (THANKS Jake!!) haha!! And enjoyed catching up with everyone! 

Overall it was such a fun trip and we are excited to do it again and explore more places around Utah!! Comment below your Ice Castle experience if you’ve been OR your favorite Utah weekend trip destinations!! 



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