Bridal Session FAQ’s

February 16, 2018

Bridal sessions are semi new to the wedding world especially outside of Utah! I love them so much that I have decided to include them in my 2018 wedding packages! I have received many questions as to what they are and why I love them! Here are the most common FAQ’s I have gotten! Feel free to comment below any additional questions you have! Enjoy!

WHAT IS IT? This is typically an hour long session with the bride and groom or just the bride! You are all dressed up in your wedding attire! We pick a unique and gorgeous location to capture all of the details of your dress, jewelry, the suit, tie, shoes, etc.

WHY? There are SO many things happening on your wedding day! It can be hard to find time to get away to capture the two of you alone and get all of the dreamy details without the bridal party, parents and loved ones that want to congratulate and celebrate with you! A lot of couples love to use this as an intimate first look perfectly captured days or even weeks before the big day! If you are like me and want the dress to be a total surprise you can do it a few weeks after the wedding and it can be a great excuse to get all dressed up and take the pictures at an awesome location that you might not have been able to do the day of!

WHEN SHOULD WE HAVE THE SESSION? It usually takes place before or after the wedding! There are a few reasons why I recommend doing it before or after. Your wedding day is going to be so beautifully busy! After doing the group shots, family, and bridal party pictures most of my couples are eager to greet their guests and get the party started! Being there myself I was so glad knowing that after our wedding we would be doing our bridal session so we didn’t need to carve out another hour the day of for pictures! Taking time to do the photos of you not on your wedding day eliminates the stress and rush and we can just focus on capturing your love. 

WHAT IF I REALLY WANT TO DO IT THE DAY OF? I tell my brides that we can make the day of work but they need to be willing to carve out one hour where the three of us go and take pictures without distractions! If you are worried that you will feel rushed or we may run behind schedule I recommend doing it a few weeks after the wedding.

IS IT WEIRD IF IT IS JUST ME AND NOT THE GROOM? Absolutely not!! Honestly it is gorgeous! You can have a separate bouquet made just for the session and we will get beautiful pictures of you to treasure your bridal look! It can also make for a sweet gift for your hubby if you print and frame your favorite one!

CAN WE DO SOMETHING NON TRADITIONAL? Heck yes!! Bridal sessions done after the wedding can be used for a trash the dress shoot where we take some super cool pictures in the river! Or maybe you want to go hiking and pack the dress and suit up and then take pictures at a super cool location! Sand dunes are another really fun option too!







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