Weekend Trip to Idahome

February 19, 2018

This weekend Hudson and I had planned to go home for the weekend! Hudson’s little sister was playing in the state basketball tournament and I had lined up a bunch of shoots for Saturday while we were in town! Due to the weather forecast we ended up rescheduling my shoots which left the weekend open for family time! I am not going to lie at first I was kind of bummed to not be able to take my clients photos but now that the weekend is over I am super grateful that I was able to relax and be with family. There aren’t too many weekends that I have open like that when we go home!

Friday we made the drive up, jammed out to Greatest Showman and had some Even Steven’s Jalapeno grilled cheese turkey sandwich. We made it in time to watch some of Emmy’s game that night! After their game we headed to “Big Judd’s” where Hudson attempted their “Big Judd’s Challenge” (a 2lbs burger!! Fries and a drink all in 30 minutes!!!). I am not going to lie I was pretty impressed he was able to get through as much as he did but I was proud he tapped out before it got the best of him hahaha! 

Saturday we watched Emerson’s team take home 3rd place! After her game I made some homemade raspberry jam (seriously the best thing on the face of the earth!) with my sweet mama! I loved catching up and going over our Arizona plans! That night we had yummy dinner and I made some bomb buffalo dip (message me if you want the recipe! It is addicting!) and we played Jackbox Games with Hudson’s family which was pretty entertaining! If you haven’t played before you seriously need to it is one of our FAVS!! 

Sunday morning we went over to my parents house and spent time with them and my grandma! My mom made some yummy homemade biscuits and gravy for breakfast and it was soooooooo good! We went to sacrament and then came home for a nap because we always seem to need one before we leave! I am not sure what it is about driving back to Utah but we are always exhausted! The drive was crazy it was a blizzard off and on the whole way!! And we arrived in Logan greeted by a ton of SNOW!! YAY! As we packed up our bags and approached the door and noticed someone had tapped a bunch of hearts and a box of chocolate to the door! Whoever left it is awesome and it was SO sweet to come home to!!








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