Saying Yes to the Dress!

February 27, 2018

Every girl dreams about finding the perfect dress! Some of you may have envisioned what that dress would look like since you were 5 haha! When the time comes you will make appointments at Bridal Stores and bring your mom or close friends/family! Picking out my dress was so much fun!! Here are my fav tips to finding your PERFECT dress!! 

1. BRING THE BEST OF THE BEST: This may seem obvious it’s not like you are going to bring a stranger dress shopping haha but bring people that you love and that love you!! Make sure that those that are there are looking out for your best interests an will love and support you! I brought my Mom, Sister and Cousin! Each of these ladies were so excited but I trusted their input and knew that they wouldn’t let me pick an ugly dress haha! Most importantly I knew having them there would make the day that much more special!

2. HAVE AN OPEN MIND: Before I went wedding dress shopping I had definitely done my research haha! I found an a-line dress that was STUNNING! I made an appointment at the store bridal store and was convinced that would be my dress! The first place we went to I let my mom convince me to try on a mermaid gown and to my surprise I LOVED IT!!! Never in a million years would I have thought I’d wear a tight fitting dress on my wedding day but it ended up being perfect for me! I am so glad I wasn’t closed off to trying anything else on because it blew the dress I thought I wanted out of the water in my mind!!

3. MAKE MULTIPLE APPOINTMENTS: I recommend going to two dress stores! Not only does this gives you lots of options but it also helps get those “holy crap I’m trying on wedding dresses” jitters out haha! I would do your research and find 2 and pick the one you love the most to go to last! I went to Gateway Bridal bridal in the morning and then Alta Moda Bridal in the afternoon! I had been slightly obsessed with Alta Moda for quite a while and had a feeling I would find my dress there! I loved my experience at Gateway but going there first let me get a better idea for what I was looking for so when I went to Alta my dress was the 3rd one I tried on and I knew what to look for!

Finding the perfect dress is such a sweet experience!! I am so happy for all of you brides and I hope these 3 simple tips help you when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress!! Comment below what your dress looked like or what tip is your favorite!! 











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