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April 3, 2018

This year I really wanted to elevate my photography business! I knew that I really wanted to redo my logo and hire someone to create a custom website for me! I had spent sooooo many hours making my previous one but there was still so much that I wanted to change on my website like my blog, info pages, etc. but I knew it would take me forever to do it on my own! A logo/brand that represented me was also key to complete the professional look that I wanted! I started shopping around and just couldn’t bring myself to pay $1,000 + dollars especially since I was less than a year into my business. Just when I was about to give up and wait another year Rachel Cottrell from White Coast Creative reached out to me!! They were fairly new and had recently done some amazing rebranding/website design for some other companies. I loved their portfolio and they felt confident that they could make my vision come to life for a SUPER good price! Everything seemed to fit into place so I hired them and I am forever grateful I did!!

Working with them was a dream! I shared with them my ideas and inspiration and in TWO WEEKS!!! I had my new brand and website! They sent me a few different options for logos and tweaked them until we found the perfect fit! All I had to do was send over the info like the bio, package options, pictures, etc. through email or another form. It was so simple! When everything was done Rachel sat down with me and went over the whole website and taught me how to make changes, create blog posts, switch out images, etc. in the weeks following if I had any questions I would shoot them an email and they were so quick to get back to me and help me!

 I LOVED working with White Coast Creatives and I would HIGHLY recommend them if you are looking for someone to rebrand/website build for you! Not only will they take your business to the next level but they will make it a breeze! If you mention my name they will give you $100 OFF your rebranding/website package or $50 off of your new logo! If you have any questions about my experience message me! 











  1. Rachel Cottrell says:

    Woot woot! Thanks for the shoutout, Kylee! You were a pleasure to work with, and we really appreciate you sharing our name out there! – Rachel

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