Lifestyle: Spring Fashion Finds

April 12, 2018

Fashion is something that I have always LOVED! Don’t get me wrong though I love a good over sized tee and leggings as much as the next girl haha! When I find a certain style or look I love it becomes my go to! Spring is one of those seasons where it is cold and raining one day and then sunny and in the 70’s the next haha! I wanted to share with you guys my FAVORITE spring look and where you can go to find it all! 

Overalls: Ahhh I love them soooo much and have literally been searching for a pair to buy for months! Every time I tried some on they looked weird, were uncomfortable (which I thinks defeats the purpose haha), or didn’t fit! I had pretty much given up when I went into Roolee to try on their new overalls and sized up one size and BAM they were perfection!! So comfy and cute!! I love that I can pair it with a sweater and boot if it’s cold or a short sleeve shirt and sandals if its warm! 

Bandanas: I love this trend!! At first I was nervous but then I bought one to test it out and LOVE it! I wear it tied around my neck, pony tail, hair down, etc. The possibilities are endless and Madewell has the cutest colors! 

Birkenstocks: Growing up my mom always wore them and I loved them! It wasn’t until a year ago that I finally decided to invest in my first pair at The Sportsman and guyssssss so worth it!! I wore them all summer and even winter paired with socks hahaha! 

I hope you love this spring look! Comment below your favorite spring finds too!! And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!












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