Posing: Client Edition

April 23, 2018

Is your photo session coming up and you find yourself stressing about getting the perfect photos?! Or maybe you feel awkward in front of the camera! This post is for YOU! I have gathered my favorite tips to posing in one awesome blog post! As a photographer I want all of my clients to love their photos and feel comfortable during their session! Lets get started:

1.     Pick a photographer you LOVE! Posing starts with your photographer so pick one that you love their work! Even more pick someone you trust and feel would capture your story! If you think their pictures

2.     Communicate with your photographer! I always tell my clients when we get started if it feels weird it probably looks weird! If I tell you to do something that doesn’t feel like you don’t be afraid to tell me! I would rather my client tell me we hate PDA no kissing shots then them hate every kissing shot I give them! It will make you feel yourself during your session and help you to get the photos you love!

3.     Be Yourself! Don’t try to be a model! Your session should be uniquely you! Leave the pressure that you might feel in the car and just enjoy your session! Take in the scenery, your fiancé, your family and be your goofy selves! That is where the real magic happens and comes into play! I had one couple where the girl always squeezed her fiancés cheeks when he teased her and it was seriously so cute! They loved those images because it was THEM!

4. DON’T OVER ANAYLIZE! This one kind of goes along with number one! I love when my clients come to me with inspiration photo ideas from Pinterest but be careful! I have seen it before that over analyzing what you see on Pinterest can lead to unnecessary pressure and it can add pressure on the photographer too! Once of my favorite parts of each session is letting my creativity run and coming up with unique posing for each of my clients that fits them! When your photographer is given a list of 30 pictures you want it can start to put their creativity into a box. You chose your photographer for a reason! Trust in their ability and expertise:)

I hope that these posing tips will help you as you prepare for your next session! Comment below your favorite tip and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!












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