Engagement: Neil & Madi

April 25, 2018

“So I’m a dancer but never knew how to do couple’s dancing. My girlfriends invited me out for a girls night to a country bar where they do swing dancing. It sounded nice to get out of the house. We get there and find a good spot to watch the dancing. To my surprise, there were a lot of people dancing! Well of course I spot a very cute guy who was, not just a very good dancer, but a very good swing dancer as well ( something every girl dancer dreams of having in her life) and I couldn’t help but watch. He had an amazing smile, he could dance, he had some real nice muscles and when he lifted his shirt to wipe his sweat, he had a huge cross tattoo! This boy was handsome, could dance and loved Jesus, does it get any better!?  Then he came up and asked if me and my friends danced. In complete panic, we did the “ uhhhhh no”. We both were dancers, but didn’t do country swing! He kind of laughed and said it’s okay you don’t have to dance with me and walked off. Of course, being me, I felt terrible and, about an hour later, finally got the nerve to go find him again and told him I didn’t know what I was doing but I had to make it up to him for denying his request to dance. So we danced and laughed and had such a great time. My friends convinced him to get my number, ( he claims he would have gotten it anyways). Not 60 seconds after leaving I texted him “is it too soon to text?” He replied “not soon enough!” and the rest is history two years later! That handsome dancer is going to be my husband!” -Madi

This engagement session was so much fun!!! Niel and Madi were so amazing to work with!! They hikes through streams and climbed up rocks! I loved being able to capture this adventurous engagement session for these two lovers!! I can’t wait for their mountain wedding! 











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