Posing: Photographer Edition

April 27, 2018

Posing is one of my FAVORITE parts of being a photographer! I love challenging myself to create something unique and beautiful for each client beyond “Stand there, hold hands, and smile” now don’t get me wrong I will use that occasionally but most of my session is me guiding my clients to raw interactions that create raw emotion. Think of it as a chain reation… wouldn’t it be SO much better to have your client whisper in his fiance’s ear something embarrassing that she wouldn’t want me to hear instead of “put your lips to her ear, then I want you to fake laugh” can you see how that could change the reaction that you get? Can you see how that might make your clients loosen up and feel more themselves?

Capturing raw emotion is something that we all strive to do! When posing I like to think of my own life… what makes me happy? What does my husband do that makes me laugh? What is a movement what would create a beautiful photo! Think beyond the pose! Think of the emotion!

Don’t forget to communicate with your client! Take note of things they are self conscious of! Do your best to help them to feel their best! If they hate their hands don’t get up close shots of them. At the end of each session I ask if there are any other poses they had in mind. 90% of the time the answer is no but occasionally I get something and I am glad I asked so they didn’t get their photos back and wish they had that one pose! 

I hope this helps you think of posing in a new light! Try applying this during your next session and watch your posing evolve! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my blog below for more tips and tricks!







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