Engagement: Caleb & Halle

May 24, 2018

“Caleb and I met in our YSA ward at BYU-Idaho. The first time we both remember seeing each other was in ward council during the fall semester, and I was the ward indexing coordinator. Around Halloween some of my best friends put on a costume party for our apartment complex. I went as “post-breakup” and Caleb wore his werewolf onesie. That was the first time I remember talking to him, but the only thing I remember saying to him that night was, “I am headed home, but I hope your love life turns out better than mine.” It was weird, I know, but it was because I was in character. The next Sunday after that, I was hosting an indexing party and Caleb came. He had a Darth Vader sticker on his computer, so I decided that I might make a friend or catch his attention if I were to ask him about it. And that is what happened. We became better friends over a month period by watching Star Wars movies with some friends. We went on one date, hung out non-stop for the week after, and went on a second date exactly one week later. He held my hand on our second date, and the day after that date we went to Goldbug hot springs with a group of friends. We all went for the sunrise, so as we were waiting for the sun to come up, he leaned in to kiss me. But I told him no! I was not going to give him boyfriend privileges as just a friend. So later that day we decided it was right for us to start dating. Then three months later we were engaged!”

This couple was seriously sooooo fun!!! I loved adventuring around the Idaho country side with them and I am so excited for their Meridian Temple wedding!! 






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