Engagements: Andrew & Chrysta

July 13, 2018

“From the very beginning, we both knew that this was something special. We had so much in common, but we also brought out so many good things in each other. I first knew this after Andrew planned the most perfect second date for me, he took me to “As You Wish” an art studio by our houses. And after our third date, we both knew we wouldn’t be dating anyone else. By July 27th, we officially started our journey together, at the same place where we’d had our first date, The Point. The next few years were filled with trips, crafts, and adventures. Trips to California, Utah, Mexico, and Texas. Crafts for costumes, holidays, and birthdays. Adventures hiking, backpacking, starting at a gym, and escape the rooms. All of these things brought us closer together and helped us realize life could always be this fun. Fast-forward to November 2017. The month our newest and best adventure started together. We were out to celebrate our 2 and 1/2 year Anniversary before the crazy holiday season got started. By far our busiest time of year! We had an amazing dinner and on our way out of the restaurant there was a limo waiting for us. As soon as the driver said my name, I knew what had to be happening and my heart started to race! We took the limo over to the designated place, our spot, The Point. Andrew got out before me and I received an updated version of our Adventure book I had made for Andrew’s 24th birthday in our first year together. By the time I got to the last beautiful page, the limo had stopped and I got out of the limo to a walkway of over 300 candles and at the end was Andrew, my future husband. I was so nervous and excited, but Andrew following the advice of a friend “just tell her why” made it perfect. I of course said yes and the rest was magic. Unknown to me Andrew (in true Andrew fashion) had planned everything down to the final detail. From inviting my family and our friends, asking my parents, setting up a schedule, hiring a photographer, and even enlisting amazing friends to help, everything was perfect. I’ve never been more sure and happy to say “Yes” in all of my life.” -Chrysta & Andrew

I am SO excited for their January Arizona wedding!!

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