2nd Annual Sauer Family Camping Trip

July 30, 2018

We had our 2nd Annual Sauer Family Camping Trip a few weeks ago and it was SO FUN!! We go around Hudson’s birthday and it is always full of adventuring and making memories! Our campsite is past McCall around Burgdorf! There are so many trails there and a cool natural hot springs! We were ATVing all day every day haha! Some of the trails took hours and hours but the views were incredible! We got water from a natural spring up in the mountains and would haul it back to the campsite in coolers! One day we took a trail to a lake and rafted! The water was freeeeeezing but it was so fun! I made my first official camping dinner: Navajo Tacos on Homemade Scones… still kicking myself I don’t have pictures! Shoutout to Sauers for helping me!!:) Every day the dirt just got more and more caked on haha! By the time Saturday rolled around I was pretty excited to go to the hot springs with the tub so we could shower and feel CLEAN hahaha! Even though being covered in dust and dirt might not be my favorite thing in the world haha it is so worth it to get a few days away from work and school to spend time with Hudson doing something that he loves for his birthday!!!! THANK YOU CLAY AND SHAUNA for another fun trip!! We are already counting down the days until next year!! 






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