Jenkins Family California Vacay

August 14, 2018

Some of my favorite childhood memories include our family trips to California! The one time we drove all along the coast and got the hummer stuck in that red wood tree hahaha. Or when we rented a beach house in Santa Cruise and Kendel and Blake threw up in the jelly belly parking lot haha!! Regardless of the trip we always it has always been one of my favorite places full of amazing and hilarious memories! This year we decided to head to sunny San Diego for our family vacation! I will start by saying that without Bo we weren’t quite complete and he was missed! I flew out of Boise after a wedding and met up with Hudson in SLC and from there we flew to Cali! My parents usually rent an VRBO (like air bnb) and it’s the best especially when you have a lot of people but still want to be together! Our cute little house was one block from Mission Beach, across the street from Olive (aka best bakery EVER), and super close to the board walk! Day one included the beach, boogie boarding, sand castles, surfing, electric scooters (seriously SO FUN I highly recommend it’s like $1 and can be done on your phone!), the boardwalk, rides, games, prizes, ice cream! Every night we played cards (Jenkins family favorite) with the losers having to eat bean boozled and take their chances hahaha some of the worst being canned dog food, dead fish, barf, rotten eggs, and curdled milk! Day two was SEAWORLD DAY!! I love Seaworld so much! We got to see the whale and dolphin show, ride rides (my favorite was the manta ray!), feed the sting rays, oysters, eat yummy food, and see the penguins! Day three we went and FLY BOARDED! I was a little unsure whether I wanted to or not but it was seriously SO MUCH FUN!! Dad went first and did pretty good! He was a little shaky;) Then Hudson got up and probably got the highest out of us and did turns! My goal was just to get up once but it wasn’t that bad so I was able to get up and stay up pretty well! Kendel definitely did the best trick wise and was able to spin and dolphin dive! After that adventure we went back to the beach and played in the ocean! After dinner we played one more round of bean boozled cards haha! It was greeeaaaaattttttt! Tuesday morning before our flights left/the drive began we went to the beach one last time for pictures! It was so much fun to have these memories captured! I am SO GRATEFUL for our amazing parents that put such an awesome family trip together! We had so much fun and made memories I will never forget!!

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