Wedding Exit Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank!

November 6, 2018

Wedding exits are one of the best photo opportunities! Most people know how cool sparklers are but did you know that isn’t the onlyyyyyy option for exits??? Sparklers are beautiful but they can be expensive or maybe your venue doesn’t allow them! I decided to make a list full of awesome exit ideas that will look great on camera!! 

1. Lavender: I love this!! Not only do they smell amazing but I have seen them thrown after a ceremony and during the exit and it was beautiful on camera!! 

2. Bird Seed: This one is a little more common but I LOVE it! It made for some pretty awesome pictures at one wedding this summer!! 

3. Bells: This one was super cute!!! Not only is the sound cute but it is also cute on camera too!

4. Bubbles: I recommend mixing small bubbles and large! But if you have to pick one size pick the larger ones! They look magical on camera!

5. Confetti: Ok guys I have never shot a wedding exit with this but I did have a couple do this during the dancing and it was EPIC! I highly recommend doing this over sparklers on your big day!! 

6. Rice: Similar effect to the birdseed and is a great option as well!!

7. Paper heart cut outs: I had one couple do this and it was super unique and cool! 

8. Rose Petals: This one is amazing!!! It is gorgeous on camera and gives your photos a romantic element!

9. Cell Phone Flash Lights: This one costs you absolutely nothing because everyone has a phone but it looks amazing and will give you some fun pictures!

10. Glow Sticks: This will illuminate have a really cool effect on camera!






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