Ian & Breanna

November 12, 2018

“Our story started with me getting hired on at Dutch Bros and back then we had to go to all of the stands to check them out to see which one we wanted to work at. Ian was working at one when our little group stopped by and I seriously thought he was the cutest guy ever, but also thought he would never talk to me. Time went on and I picked the stand I wanted to be at and it turns out I worked with Ian’s sister basically everyday. Ian would come though and we would talk, have our jokes, then became friends! A little more time passed by and we had a party for work. I went by myself hoping that he would show up and sure enough Ian ended up showing up really late.. We seriously talked through the night and from that day forward our bond grew stronger and stronger! We went on a few dates after that and it clicked that it was meant for us to be together! Everything just feels so easy and he has been my best friend ever since! We dated for about a year and a half when he popped the question! 

The day was November 30, 2017… We always go on fun dates together so that day wasn’t very different for our lives. At this time too, Ian was on a roll making YouTube videos then had the idea to go to the botanical gardens in Boise! I honestly didn’t want to go in because of how expensive it was for the two of us. We were there for a little bit then Ian’s sister and her husband showed up and we walked around for a while, then Ian set up his camera for us to walk through the lights to have a clip for his video. We walked a few steps and then all of the sudden he stopped and I was seriously thinking, “I thought we were walking for the video what the heck is he doing?” Then I turned around and he was down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!!! I couldn’t believe it!! I was so excited!! I knew from day 1 at that he was the one and I could care less if I had a ring on my finger, but the fact we are going to call each other husband and wife soon made everything feel so amazing and unreal! Continuing our bond and feeling more in love than ever before! October 16, 2019 can’t come fast enough!”

I loved taking Ian and Breanna’s engagement pictures! The location was super unique and I loved incorporating Ian’s car! I am so excited for their October 2019 wedding!

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 Kylee Olivia



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