High School Senior | Taylor Elwer

November 26, 2018

Taylor was so much fun to work with and although she is stunning, she has such a down-to-earth personality that really shown through each of the pictures! She is a soccer and volleyball player who will be graduating this coming spring with her senior class of 2019 in North Dakota. She is leaning towards attending Utah State University. One thing I loved about Taylor was that she specifically asked for some “goofy” photos. Every year, the seniors at her school share copies of some of their senior pictures with the lower classmen. Because she is the head of her student section during sports games and always knows how to make people laugh and cheer, she wanted to be able to give them photos that accurately represented who she is. I loved it because I think often times we only want to share the BEST part of ourselves with others, but often times we haven’t fully embraced our best selves because we don’t let our personality shine through! But Taylor had no fear in sharing who she really is.

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