KOP Bride Tip Tuesday | Faux Flowers

November 27, 2018

When I got married, I used faux flowers in my bouquet and for decorations to save some money and originally was upset that I couldn’t afford the real flowers I had always dreamed of. However, a month before I was married, my sister in law got married. For their wedding, they had absolutely stunning roses. They were everywhere and sprinkled with gorgeous baby’s breath. It was so dreamy! However, by the time the reception was over, the flowers had already started drooping and the next day, the leftover ones were taken to neighbors. Hundreds of dollars- just gone after that one day. Although I wasn’t able to take any flowers to my neighbors, a year later, I still have all of the flowers and greenery that were in my bouquets in my home, but no-one would have ever guessed. I have even been able to make a wreath with some of them and sell it for $85, attached to a old-fashioned wooden window frame. The crazy thing is I spent less than $150 on all the flowers in the first place and only paid about $10 for the window frame and wreath supplies to go with the flowers.

I wanted to share some of the home decor pieces that I’ve made for my home and a few others that could easily be made from faux flowers to make your home more home-y!

A Monogram Greek Wreath

Check out this adorable blog for a “How To:”


A Boho Picture Hang

An Farm-House Wreath

A Jar Full of Flowers

A Flower Arrangement

A Dining Table Chandelier

A Nursery Chandelier

Spray Painted Floral Wall Hanging

Here are some things I’ve made with my left-over flowers:






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