Our Favorite Christmas Traditions

December 12, 2018

Christmas is my faaaavorite time of year! Growing up my parents made this time of year so special for us kids. One thing I am forever grateful that my parents taught me was that December is for serving others and doing as Christ would do! My fondest memories were anonymously leaving presents, food, gas money to make it to family, etc. for families in need in our community! Now that I am married I have loved sitting down with Hudson and figuring out how to make our own traditions! I know sometimes it can be hard to come up with traditions for the holiday season so I decided to make a list of my FAVORITE ones as well as some of Abriel and Makaylas to help you get started!




-Christmas Eve Blood Drive: My dad always took us kids Christmas Eve morning to go donate blood and I love it! Hudson and I did it together last year and are all signed up again for this year!

-Cookie Plates/Santa Cookies: My mom always set aside a baking day to make our favorite goodies to give to friends and family! Our santa cookie was a staple and us kids did a production line to make quick work out of decorating them! This year we amped in up and got our friends and family involved to make LOADS of cookie plates for hospice families. We also made some extra plates and Hudson and I delivered them to our new neighbors!

-Gingerbread House Competition: We love a good competition! This is something we do with the Jenkins and Sauers! It is so much fun and is always a good time!

-Sushi and Japanese Food for Christmas Eve: Christmas Eve Dinner is a good opportunity to create your own tradition! We have always gone to Shige’s Japanese Steak House in Boise when he are in town for the 24th and LOVE IT! It is unique and different but so much fun!

-Christmas Jammies: We love opening our jammies Christmas Eve and taking pictures of us in them in front of the tree!

-The Nutcracker: Guys I LOVE the ballet when I was little my sister in I danced in the Nutcracker every year! It was such a fun start to the holiday season. This year Hudson and I are starting our own tradition of attending Ballet West’s Nutracker performance! I am super excited!

-Adopting a Family: Every year we would surprise a different family that was in need for Christmas and anonymously give them gas money, dinner, gifts, etc. whatever they were in need of!

-Christmas Movies: We love watching our favorite Christmas movies or cheesy Hallmark movies through out December!

-Indian Creek Lights/Ice Skating: This is becoming a new tradition of ours! We grab some hot coco from Flying M or Soda Burst and walk the lights! We also have been enjoying ice skating with our family there!

-Christmas Games: We love playing games as a family and we always pick a big game for everyone to play in Christmas Day or Christmas Eve some of our favorites include: minute to win it, Bunco, Cards, etc.

-Being Santa: Christmas morning we star youngest to oldest or vice versa and have each person be Santa and pick a gift for each person to open!

Abriel & Makayla:

-opening one gift Christmas Eve!

-Hiding the pickle ornament  in the Christmas tree and finding it for a prize (usually a candy)

 12 Days of Christmas for a family (same as above, but gifts for each of the 12 days)

-Reenacting the Nativity scene with costumes and props and singing Christmas hymns with family on Christmas Eve



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