Homedale Idaho Portrait Session | Sophie

December 12, 2018

Everyone has an opinion about something; whether it’s politics, religion, what food or holiday is better, but I think that one this we can all agree on is that this girl rocked this photo shoot! Sophie literally can’t take a bad picture. When I was a senior in high school, Sophie was just a little freshman and I can still remember the week of homecoming when we picked up her and her friends for freshman hell week ( a crazy thing that us Homedalians do). I made her and her friends eat canned sardines. It was great. One of my all time favorite memories with her though is winning a state championship in softball together. I was blessed to be able to play softball my senior year with this stud. Sophie is the kind of girl that is naturally beautiful. . . and to even add on to her looks, she is even crazy smart! She’s going to go to Utah Valley University to study Pre Law. Sophie is the complete package and I am so blessed to have captured her beauty and to have watched her grow into the woman she is today!

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