Caldwell Idaho Engagement Session | Sean & Natalie

January 23, 2019

“Sean and I met when Sean was a freshman in college and I was a senior in high school.  I had just been hired at the same place that Sean worked, and we actually met during my first day of training.  Within a few months, I had a pretty big crush on him but was determined not to let anyone know so that he wouldn’t find out unless he liked me too and asked me out.  I was pretty good at keeping it a secret, but Sean kind of figured I liked him, but didn’t think I was weird or desperate, so we were able to become good friends.  After I graduated, I went to college out of state, and Sean stayed in Boise.  We were just friends at this point, although I was still madly in love with him. 😉

During the summer of 2017, Sean and I had known each other for almost three years and had not gone on any dates, so I was pretty much resigned to the fact that nothing would ever happen between us.  But to my surprise, he asked me out a few weeks later!  We went on our first date, had a blast, and went on a second one soon after.  Before we knew it, we were officially dating and spending significant time getting to know each other deeper.  I still had one year of college left, so we spent several months dating long distance, but were very happy when that time of distance was over!  

Both Sean and I knew we had found the person we wanted to marry, so then it was the waiting game.  I waited until Sean had talked with my dad, got the thumbs up, and then waited for the proposal!  I’m pretty good at figuring out surprises, so was pretty confident I’d know when Sean had a ring, was planning to propose, etc.  But when it happened, I was completely surprised!  

We had plans to go hiking on a Friday, back to the place where we had originally talked about getting married someday.  About two weeks before that Friday, Sean decided it would be really cool to propose on our hike, so started looking for a ring and planning how he wanted to propose.  He started making a ring box out of wood and found a ring setting he liked, but had no luck finding a diamond that was in his price range.  The night before our hiking plans, he finished the ring box, and came up with how he wanted to propose.  The next morning, he called the lady at the ring store, telling her that he wanted to propose that day and asking if she had found any diamonds that might work for him.  To his surprise, she found one and was able to get the diamond set and the ring sized that morning!  Once the ring was finished, Sean picked it up, came to get me, and we headed off on our hike!  We drove to our destination, and then talked and laughed as we hiked out to a fallen tree that Sean had previously come to when he was sad and confused about relationships.  When Sean had been there before, he had written a poem that now, as we sat on the same tree, he incorporated into a song that he wrote that traced emotions and themes of our relationship.  He sang the song for me, and the very last line was, “Natalie will you marry me?” !!!!!  I was totally not expecting that, but was so happy he had finally asked!!!!!  I said yes very quickly, and he pulled the handmade ring box out of his jacket and opened it up to reveal the most beautiful ring ever!!!!  And we were officially engaged. 😉

Now, we’re getting ready for our wedding and are so excited to join our lives together!  One fun fact is that we haven’t kissed yet, and we are saving our first kiss for our wedding day.  Sometimes it’s a huge struggle to not kiss, but it’s helped us focus on the emotional and personal side of our relationship, rather than just the physical.  We can’t wait until June 29 when we can kiss and be pronounced man and wife!! :D” -Natalie

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