KOP Bride Tip Tuesday | Finding Your Home

February 5, 2019

One of the most stressful things we faced when we were engaged in my opinion was finding a place to call our home! Apartment hunting in Logan UT was HARD to say the least! Hudson was just starting applying for jobs and we wanted to find the cheapest most decent place out there since we weren’t sure what his income would be looking like! Here are some tips to help your hunting experience run smoothly and make sure you are both on the same page!

 1.     Sit down and go over financials! Be honest and really go over things! Note what debt might be being brought into the marriage. Start creating a budget by figuring out monthly payments, groceries, utilities, and other additional expenses! Decide based on all of these factors what you feel comfortable spending on rent or a mortgage each month!

2.     If you are renting word of mouth is a great way to find your apartment! Ask your married friends where they live and start talking to landlords! We found our first apartment by a friend of a friend haha! Don’t be afraid to ask around!

3.     If you are new to the area or don’t know a ton of married people use your resources! Check for renting FB groups and post what you are looking for! I know a lot of colleges have rent boards where people can post vacancies or contracts they are trying to sell!

4.     Get on waitlists ASAP! I think we were on like 5ish waitlists with various landlords before we got our first apartment. I wanted to make sure our bases were covered and since it didn’t cost any money usually to get on the waitlist we went ham haah! I figured our odds were a lot better if we were on 5 verses 1! It also allowed us to have options! We ended up getting two apartment offers that were available and picked the better of the two for our needs!






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