KOP Photography Tips | Posing Young Children

February 8, 2019

Whether you are using your camera for your family or for a living I think we all can agree that taking pictures of young children can be nerve racking and at times difficult! When I first started this made me really nervous! I don’t consider myself a kid person necessarily but I know how important family pictures are for moms and I wanted to capture it perfectly for them! I decided to create 5 tips to help you when it comes to posing little ones!

  1. Go off of the Youngest! : I love to go off of the youngest! You never know how long their good mood will last so I try to start with the group shots then their individual shots first. If they want to stand let them stand, if they want to be held then let them be held!

  2. Play Games: I like to incorporate games into my sessions if needed! I like to play things like tag or ring around the rosie! This allows me to capture their genuine smiles and happiness!

  3. Bring a Treat: I always carry a bag of starburst or some sort of candy on me to bribe them with haha! I ask parents for permission before hand but before the shoot I let them know I have something for them if they are good and then let them pick their favorite ones at the end of the session!

  4. Tell the Parents to Keep Looking: By this I mean that when the parents keep looking down at the kids trying to get them to smile I often capture the kids looking at the camera and the parents looking at the kids. I let the parents know that they should keep looking at me and I will get their attention and make sure to capture it when they are all looking at the camera!

  5. Bring a Toy: This is super helpful for super young children! I ask the parents to bring their favorite toy specifically something that rattles or makes noise. I keep it next to me camera while I am shooting to get their attention!






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