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February 11, 2019

I’m sure at one point of another you have been disappointed by what your significant other did or didn’t do! I remember shortly after we got married I was hanging out with some friends and one of them mentioned how disappointed they were with what their significant other had done for their birthday! A few others chimed in that they wish their significant other had gotten them flowers more often or taken them to a nice dinner, etc. I sat there super confused and all I could think was “Why don’t you just tell him what you want?” sounds simply right? But it is SO OFTEN forgotten! I promise that 9 times out of 10 if you tell your significant other what you want they will be more than happy to make it happen! Christmas, my birthday and Valentines Day occurred shortly after we got married! I knew exactly what I wanted to have happen for each holiday! I wanted a camera bag for xmas, dinner just the two of us on my birthday and flowers for valentines! I could have sat there and waited to see if Hudson could read my mind haha instead I told him what would mean a lot to me and guess what?! I was greeted with flowers on Valentines Day and reservations at an awesome restaurant on my birthday! It wasn’t tainted because I told him what I wanted if anything it meant so much to me that he listened and cared! Now he knows that flowers are something I love and I don’t even have to ask:) and he tells me what he wants and now I know the way to his heart is through a chocolate pudding pie;)! You will never regret communicating with your person but you may regret not. So instead of hoping that they read your mind let’s just tell them shall we?:)






  1. Eli Guanzon says:

    Thank you for this Kylee. Great article! I’ll make sure he gets me flowers this Valentine too haha

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