How To Know When To Do Photography Full Time

May 10, 2019

I quit my job working for USU Housing one month before we got married! To say I was freaked out would be an understatement haha! At the time Hudson was just working part time too and I was nervous to tell him I thought I should quit. We could definitely use the income I was getting even if it was $8 an hour! No matter what I did I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to be doing more with photography. I was taking pictures on the side and devoting as much time as I could to it but there was definitely a lot more I could do if I had more time! I remember compiling a list of ideas from styled shoots to rebranding and sharing it as well as my thoughts of quitting with Hudson!

 Aaaaand (Drumroll please…) he supported me and encouraged me to do it if that is how I felt! Two weeks later I was beginning to do photography as my main source of income! I didn’t have a guarantee that people would book or that I would make more than my previous job but there were a few things I did/paid attention too that helped me feel confident in the transition timing!


1.     Have Clear Goals: I knew exactly what steps I was going to be taking before we ever had the discussion! I had the goal of rebranding and launching that the beginning of 2018, as well as redoing my website. I wanted to do a styled shoot every month to bulk up my portfolio and content. I made financial goals as well as business goals and steps I would implement to get there.

2.     Note What You Turn Down: I kept a running tally of everything I was turning down because of my job. It was nice to be able to see that the business opportunities were there. That doesn’t mean that if you aren’t getting inquires you shouldn’t go full time but it is good to note.

3.     Know Your Niche: By the time I decided to go full time I knew what my niche was: wedding photography! I did other sessions like seniors, families, the occasional newborn, etc. I had already done +10 weddings as the lead photographer and felt confident in my skills and ability! People were starting to know me as a wedding photographer which helped that I wasn’t starting from ground zero.

4.     Set a Timeline: It can be really helpful to give yourself x amount of time to make it happen. This works well with goals but in “one year” if you aren’t where you are hoping to realistically be at you can go back to part time and try again later on. It is important to be patient with yourself as it does take time but to also recognize if the timing isn’t right with something. There is nothing wrong with going back to the drawing board and strengthening certain aspects before you go full time!

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