Utah Salt Flats Engagement Session | Juvol & Lexie

May 15, 2019

“The summer of 2014, before our junior year of high school Juvol came into the retail store where I was working. He was wearing a Layton High Football t-shirt & I asked him all the basic questions about high school. You know, just trying to practice good customer service. I found out that we went to the same high school & that we were the same age in school. I didn’t see him again until October of that year. I saw him in the computer lab & recognized him from the store earlier in the summer. We exchanged greetings & that was it. Then in December of 2014, our mutual friend set us up on our first date & the rest is history.

We dated the rest of our junior & senior year. I cheered him on during football, rugby & wrestling seasons. He cheered me on as he survived two drill team seasons & celebrated my DECA victories with me. We had the best & biggest group of mutual friends. Every weekend was so much fun. Juvol & I both loved to dance & always took every opportunity to break it down on the dance floor. In 2016 after graduation Juvol served a two-year mission in New Zealand for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I traveled & attended one semester of college at Utah State University. After my first semester, I also served a mission for our church in the Eastern Caribbean. When I finished my mission I worked hard & enrolled in school again. Juvol returned home in October 2018. A few days after he came home I went over to his house. We sat on his couch & just talked for two hours. We swapped stories & experiences & I just felt the most peaceful feeling. Not a head over heels, school girl kind of love but a deep, mature love that just made my heart so happy.

Juvol is the kindest, most Christlike man I’ve ever met. He would give the shirt off his back to any stranger on the street. Seriously. He is thoughtful, gentle & patient. He has a quick wit & killer good looks. He loves Jesus Christ & is an amazing example to me. We balance each other so well & I love that we are able to have fun doing the simplest things.

One night Juvol took me to dinner at the sushi restaurant where we had our first real sit down date. After dinner, he then took me to a beautiful park in our hometown. The park is across the street from the high school we both attended. We were both super involved with extracurriculars in school & many events were held in this park. The football field he played on & I danced on is across the street. One of our first dates was feeding the ducks at the duck pond. We would have little picnics on the grass for cheap dates there too. I was positive he was proposing that night somewhere in the park but then he took a little detour that totally threw me off.

Then we parked the car by the pond at the park, got out and walked along the path that goes through the park. As we walked we talked about all the little memories we have there. We got to the bridge that goes over the river & the whole bridge & the following path was lit up with luminaries and rose petals. The luminary path led to a gazebo that had rose petals & lit lanterns in it. As we got to the gazebo I noticed the prettiest bouquet of flowers. The low lit lanterns in the gazebo were perfect. There was just enough light to see each other, yet it was dark, private & intimate. After he proposed & we did our cry, hug, laugh, kiss thing, then we walked back down the path & I said, “wait, are there people here?” I thought it would be my mom & maybe my little sister. He held my hand up & screamed “SHE SAID YES!” & a roar of family members started cheering. I was so surprised & touched that all our family would come, wait & hide in the dark in the FREEZING 20-degree cold weather. It was all so perfect! The set up was beautiful. I loved our private, intimate moment & then I loved being surprised by our family. Juvol & our families worked together to make the night so beautiful. It was perfect” -Lexie

Lexie is someone I have followed on instagram for years! I love her style, creativity and kind personality! I was so excited to take her and Juvol’s engagement pictures as I have been following their journey for quite sometime! They are the kindest people and the Salt Flats made for a perfect backdrop! I can’t wait to see what these two accomplish together!

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