KOP Bride Tip | Making the Most of Bad Weather

June 18, 2019

You have planned the PERFECT wedding down to the very last detail and then you see the forecast and it is supposed to RAIN! I grew up with stories from my mom about their rainy wedding day and was always told it was good luck;) I know some of you may be discouraged by the rain so I wanted to create a post just for you! I wanted to give you advice from real brides that experienced rain on their wedding day as well as a few tips of my own! Keep reading to get inspired;)

“It rained pretty hard on our wedding day and ended up being super windy which was kind of unexpected for our outdoor June wedding! We had a backup plan for indoors if we needed it but ended up just not caring and cut the reception a little bit short as the rain started coming down haha! I actually love our stormy wedding pictures!” -Brooke M.

“It was super windy on our wedding day and it was less than ideal but I tried to not let it get to me too much! My advice is to 1. Embrace it: Your wedding day is exactly how it is supposed to be. I wish I had had more fun with it instead of trying to make myself too perfect! 2. Trust your Photographer: trust your photographer to do her best with the circumstances! 3. Although this is the most important day, and the pictures will be treasured forever, remember that they aren’t the main reason you get married nor is it the last time to get your pictures taken (pro’s of having a bridal session;). Focus on your new spouse and the love and joy you feel on that day!” -Aubrey B.

“Own it! Half the time the memories of drenching your dress in the rain or freezing your toes off will make memories all that more vivid. Plus, it can also make pictures more dramatic and unique! Our March wedding day was freezing cold wet slushy rain and our pictures of the bridal party are so cute because they are very cuddly! We were just trying to stay warm haha! Such fun memories!” -Sarah J.

“I would say to remember this is the da you marry the person of your dreams! After today you guys are together forever. Rain is good luck! So bring the party inside and just dance with all of the people you love!” -Jaden S.

“Roll with it and don’t care! It was pouring rain and windy during the pictures with my bridesmaids and the groomsmen but we decided to just have fun with it instead of letting it upset me! The is about the marriage and that’s #1! Just remember that!” -Kortney S.

“You have to be really flexible! Some things may not look or work exactly like you hoped (like your hair LOL) but it’s ok! Laugh about it and have fun with it. It is not worth it to be stressed about something out of your control!” -Emily B.

“Remember this is the day you marry the person of your dreams. After today you guys are together forever. You won’t remember the bad weather you’ll remember being with your spouse and family. Also rain is good luck! So bring the party inside and just dance with all the people you love!” -Jaden S.

I love what all of these amazing ladies have said! My tips for making the most of your rainy day would be to 1. Schedule a bridal session for before or after your wedding if you are worried about rain! That will assure you that you will get some amazing pictures in your wedding attire without the presence of rain. 2. Have a backup plan that is easy to make possible in case the weather turns. 3. Remember what really matters on your big day and that is you and your person!:) I hope you guys enjoy these tips from real brides!

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