KOP Photography Tip | My Favorite Camera Bag

June 28, 2019

Let’s talk camera bags! When I first started doing photography I looked into a ton of different camera bag options and have two that I use today!

The first one I use is actually a diaper bag haha! It’s called Fawn Design and I LOVE IT soooo much! It is probably the one I use the most today! I was initially drawn to it because it was so spacious and it can easily be transformed to a cross body or backpack! They have a lot of color options and I ended up getting the Cara Loren special edition one because it had a laptop sleeve too! I use a camera insert on the inside that I got off of amazon.

This next one is the first camera bag I ever got and I still love it! It is the Kelly More Woodstock backpack! I was drawn to it because it was a backpack, there are tons of pockets, and I loved the look of it! It is a litle smaller than the Fawn bag but it is still great!

Both bags are great and super durable they have both been around the world on trips with me and have held up great!

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