Caldwell Idaho Engagement Session | James & Grace

August 8, 2019

“Me and James met in our sophomore year about three years ago in math class. We both had just transferred schools and instantly clicked. we became very good friends. During our junior year my family hosted an exchange student from Germany named Julia. She decided me and James needed to be together and she made it her goal to get us in a relationship before she left. It didn’t take her very long to achieve her goal and me and James were in a relationship by December of our junior year. James and I always had a very interesting friendship and no one was surprised when we started dating. We acted like we were in a relationship before we really were. Since we were such good friends our relationship started off incredibly well. We always had a more mature relationship, it wasn’t your typical high school relationship. In December of our senior year James swore into the United States Marine Corps. This made us realize that we would be spending a lot of time apart. In the military in order to live together you have to be married. We had a conversation where we decided what we both wanted and that was to be married. After the conversation there was no proposal necessary because we both knew what we wanted and for Christmas he got me a ring. We knew that there were going to be a lot of people questioning us because we are so young but in the end we just wanted to be together no matter when anyone else thought or said.” -Grace

I love this couple so much! They are so cute and have such a strong love for each other! Their session was right before a summer storm hit which made for some gorgeous stormy skies! I can’t wait for their wedding!!

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