KOP Bride Tip | The Art of Bustling

October 15, 2019

Today’s bride tip is all about bustles for your wedding dress! What are them? Why do we need them? We will be covering all the bustle related! So first things first: a bustle is something a seamstress can sew into the dress to bring up the train so it is easier to move around after the ceremony! It your dress doesn’t have a train then you don’t need to stress about having a bustle added to it. If your dress does have a train (big or small) it will be stepped on all night long and will be difficult to move around or dance during the reception.


Most wedding dresses do not come with a bustle so you will have to find a seamstress to add that to your gown. There are many different types of bustles but here are my favorites! 1. Over Bustle: the train is attached to one or multiple places on top of the dress 2. French Bustle: it is the opposite of the over bustle as the dress hooks underneath itself 3. Royal Bustle: The train is attached to multiple places on the back of the dress creating an intricate draping.


When it comes to bustles there are a few things to keep in mind!

  1. Bustles can be very intricate and at times confusing! When you go to the seamstress for your final fitting bring your mom or maid of honor (someone that will be with you on your big day) and have her teach them how to bustle it so they can do it on the big day.

  2. Some gowns are very heavy and no matter how great the seamstress is accidents can happen and it is important to be prepared! Bring extra safety pins and a needle and thread in case you need to make some adjustments last minute!

  3. Do your research before choosing the type of bustle you want! Make sure you know what it will look like and love the look before the seamstress starts working. Feel free to get their advice/opinion as well! They typically know what type will look best with the style of dress you have and material!

  4. Keep in mind when dress shopping that bustles are usually an additional cost on top of the wedding dress price! Most dress shops do not include it in the price! If you don’t want to have that additional cost pick a dress without a train!

    I hope you enjoyed today’s Bride Tip Tuesday! Comment below what you liked and what tips you hope to see next!!

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