KOP Bride Tip | Wedding Day Tan Guide

October 22, 2019

Let’s be real moooost of us aren’t born with a golden tan but don’t want to look pasty white on our wedding day! I totally get it BUT the last thing you want it to look like a scaly peely mess if your spray tan goes wrong on your big day! To give you the best tanning tips I have teamed up with the AMAZING Kinsey Benjamin, owner of TANZBYKINZ! She is going to give you her go to tips to ensure that your tan will be glowing and flawless on your wedding day!


  1. Get your tan two days prior to your wedding day so that the tan won’t rub off on your dress!

  2. To help the tan last you should be drinking lots of water to hydrate your skin!

  3. Use lotions that do not have fragrance in them because the alcohol used in the fragrance can make the tan come off faster! I recommend Hempz because even the scented version is fine because it all natural!

  4. You should get at least two tans prior to your wedding day to find the perfect shade for the actual day!

Kinsey does such an amazing job and I love when she tans my brides for their big day because it always looks flawless! If you want to book with her head over to her instagram @tanzbykinz

If you or a friend need someone to capture your pictures contact us today to get on our schedule!






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