KOP Bride Tip | Top 5 Things People Forget on Their Wedding Day

October 29, 2019

For today’s KOP Bride Tip Tuesday we are covering the TOP 5 THINGS PEOPLE FORGET on their wedding day! After shooting weddings for 2 years I have seen a lot of oops moments so here are the most popular so you don’t forget on your big day!!

  1. Wedding Rings: Yupp you probably wouldn’t have thought this would happen haha but I have seen it occur at many weddings and usually it is caught before the ceremony! But save the best man a trip and make sure you pack those first;)

  2. Pins for the Boutinniers: Having no pins is a rough one as well! Pins don’t always come with the florals so check or make sure to keep extra on hand just in case!

  3. Marriage License: There will literally be no wedding without this bad boy haha! No one wants to try to remember where it was tucked away the day of so make sure to keep it in a folder ready to be packed the day of with any other important documents!

  4. Cake Cutting Set: This has happened multiple times and it stinks! Not because there isn’t a knife stashed away in the kitchen but because you spent money on that and sometimes it was an heirloom so make sure you bring it!:)

  5. Flower Girl Outfits: Sometimes we worry about them loosing them if you give it to them too soon but I have seen a few brides accidentally leave them at home! Make sure to give it to them during the rehearsal dinner prior to the big day or to bring them!

    HONORABLE MENTION — Bouquet: Yes I did this too so I totally get it but I wasn’t the first and I wasn’t the last so make sure to bring that when you walk down the isle

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