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November 19, 2019

When scheduling a photographer whether you work with us or another photographer we highly recommend making sure they offer Bride Meetings! In today’s KOP Bride Tip Tuesday we are talking all about Bride Meetings: why we love them, why we offer them, what takes place, and why you need one!

We believe that serving our bride’s begin before the actual wedding day! We serve through our questionnaires, bride tip blog posts, Pinterest inspiration boards, etc. One of the main ways we strengthen the communication with our bride’s for their wedding day is through in person or over the phone bride meetings! This happens with every single bride that hires us! If it is in person we have you over to the KOP Home Office and sit down over baked cookies! We talk about all things wedding planning and get all caught us with how things are going for you! Then we start to go over our KOP Wedding Day Questionnaire where we discuss ALL the details!! From dress designer to traditions and everything in between! This allows us to create a custom itinerary for the day of so there is no confusion! We have time to ask questions and clarify everything prior to your wedding day!

This system and meeting has been a LIFE SAVER!!! We have loved being able to connect with our brides and ensure’s smooth wedding day photography for everyone involved!

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Kylee Olivia & Lauryn Paige

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