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January 3, 2020

Getting published is a huge accomplishment as a photographer! It means that someone valued your work and wanted to showcase it to more people on their platform! With hundreds of photographers out there it can be discouraging and confusing to know how to submit your work for publication! The very first styled shoot I did as a photographer I got published in Utah Bride Magazine’s online publication! Since then I have had numerous weddings published and have gotten a lot of clients through my published work! Today I am sharing tips that I have learned when it comes to getting your pictures published!

  1. Pay attention to details: I collect a lot of information from every session I do! This includes HMUA, outfits, florals, bakers, rings, tan, bridal party outfits, venue, etc. The more vendor details you have when you submit for publication the better it is! Most blogs or magazines want to be able to credit vendors so having that ready when you submit is KEY!
  2. Do not submit to more than one: Blogs and Magazines love exclusivity so when you are submitting never submit a session to more than one place. If it has been denied publication from one group then feel free to try with another group but wait until you get a response before submitting it!
  3. Read the fine print: There are a lot of requirements when it comes to submitting content for publication. Each company is slightly different with how they want you to submit and what is needed so make sure to read through the details to make sure your submission is correct the first time.
  4. Be open: I can’t stress enough how important having an open mind is when it comes to publishing! The first time I ever got published I submitted a styled shoot for me to be the center of the publication. The blog responded saying that they would love to publish it but as a piece about the dress designer not necessarily the photographer. I would be credited numerous times in the article but it wasn’t going to talk about me the whole time. Even though it wasn’t my initial intention when I submitted it I still thought it would be a great opportunity so I accepted! I am SO grateful I did! That publication was life changing and gained me so many new clients and followers! Be open to different publishing offers!

I hope these tips help you when it comes to getting your work submitted! Comment any questions you have! Don’t forget to like our KOP Photog Community facebook page if you are a photographer!


Kylee Olivia

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