KOP Bride Tip | Personalizing Your Wedding Day Attire

January 28, 2020

We love seeing how our brides personalize their wedding day attire! It is such a unique statement for your big day! For today’s KOP Bride Tip Tuesday we are going to share some of our favorite ways to personalize your wedding day woredrobe! Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

  1. Custom Leather Jacket: I am a huge leather jacket fan and wish that I would have ordered a custom “Mrs. Sauer” jacket for our wedding day! Click HERE to find yours!!
  2. Wedding Dress Patch: Adding a custom patch to the inside of your dress is a fun way to personalize it and add something lucky to your gown! There are tons of different patches out there but click HERE to check out my favorite!
  3. Shoe Notes: I still have my wedding shoes and I love seeing couples write personalized messages to each other on the bottom of their shoes! It is such a fun and inexpensive way to personalize what you are wearing! Not to mention it is a great photography opportunity;)
  4. Custom Jean Jacket: Maybe leather isn’t your jam? Jean jackets are sooo cute especially if you are having a country wedding! Click HERE to customize yours!
  5. Tie Patch: Want to leave your groom a special note on your day? Consider ordering a custom tie patch to place on the inside! This is such a cute one and something that he can wear over and over! HERE is my favorite!
  6. Engraved Wedding Bands: If you want something that will last beyond the wedding day you should do a custom engraving on the inside of your wedding bands! This is such a cute touch to personalize your rings!

We hope you love our ideas and want to know how you want to personalize your wedding attire! Leave a comment to tell us what you love the most!


Kylee Olivia

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