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March 20, 2020

Those of you that know me know I am OBSESSED with our puppy Creed! He is such a light in our lives and I wanted to write a blog post dedicated to him;) I feel like puppies and infertility are such a big niche in the infertility world and I wanted to share my experience! I would guesstimate that 98% of infertile women have a dog haha and if you follow women with infertility on instagram you probably can testify that what I’m saying is true;) So whats up with infertile women wanting a dog?! Haha here is my truth…

I have wanted a dog for a loooooong time! Ever since we got married I begged Hudson for a dog or baby and he always replied that no doubt we would have a child first before he would ever consider a dog! So when we started trying for a baby a dog was semi off my radar. As months passed I got sad, really really sad for obvious reasons;) I think that women have this natural desire to nurture. And for me that has always been to take care of a baby. When it became clear that might not happen as intended I was devastated. For the first time working from home really wasn’t in my favor;) I binged watched netflix, edited, and really didn’t leave the house much. I cried A TON. I felt really isolated. Life was hard. So naturally I wanted a puppy:)

Hudson and I are so funny and besides my persistent begging and him loosing a “what are the odds” bet, we really took adding a puppy to our home seriously! We broke down the financials, looked at it practically, and even prayed about it haha! It was a big decision and we knew it would be huge shift! We were worried that we would get a puppy and then get pregnant right after, but after praying I KNEW that Creed was supposed to be ours. I think Heavenly Father knew that our journey wouldn’t be easy nor short (cheesy but true). We picked up Creed a few days later and our world hasn’t been the same since haha!:)

Creed has blessed us in so many ways! For starters I am not alone during the day! I was so lonely before we got him, being home alone all day every day and going through a lot of emotional and physical challenges was hard. I don’t feel as isolated anymore! We get out of the house every day for walks, hikes, frisbee throws, or to visit family + friends! He is sooooo aware of my feelings! If I have had a particularly hard day with lots of tears he senses that and comes and cuddles me and lays down with me for hours (those that know Creed know he is WILD so for him to come chill during the day with me is not his norm haha!). He knows when I need some fresh air and gives me those puppy eyes at the door;) Creed eases a lot of the sorrow that I feel each day! He loves on me and being able to take care of him makes me SO. HAPPY.

I think that infertility and dogs go hand in hand because they are able to bring joy and love into any situation no matter how painful! Puppy’s give you an outlet for that strong desire you have to love and nurture someone else. Everyone wants to feel needed:) Creed definitely doesn’t replace a child nor does that spot in my heart no longer ache because we have a dog;) It also isn’t easy! Potty training and a teething puppy are no joke! Creed gave us growing pains haha but we learned how to have a lot more patience, laugh through the torn couch or the pee puddle on the floor! Puppy’s are hard work but he is worth it all! We love him so much! If you are thinking about getting a puppy DO IT!!!:)

P.S. Have you heard of Doodle Pet Design Co.?! It is the cutest dog shop designed with your pet in mind! They have harnesses, collars, leashes, bandanas and more! Creed is wearing the blue buffalo plaid and the camo! I absolutely LOVE his new gear! Especially the harness! It is reversible and makes navigating our walks a lot easier! Click HERE to check them out!


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