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February 2, 2021

Ever since we moved in I have wanted to start DIY projects but just have had no idea where to start! I have never used power tools and the idea of starting felt super overwhelming! Last Monday I finally got the courage to try! I felt like the closet was the best place to start because if I botched it I could close the door and no one would have to see it haha! I had my brother come over and teach me some things and help with the bench build! Then I went to work shiplapping, painting, staining, and putting up the hardware! I am so happy with how it turned out!! On to the next one!!☺️

Building Materials

Farmhouse Coat Hooks $8.98

Shiplap Board (I used leftovers from my dad but similar one is HERE)

Behr Whisper White Paint Matte Finish $13.48

Foam Paint Roller $8.97

Plywood Panel 1/2 inch $16.87

Two 2X4’s $4.92

Caulk $2.58

Caulk Gun $4.36

Stain: I used one from a previous project but you can find a similar one HERE for $4.48

OPTIONAL: Dewalt Cordless Brad Nailer $250: I LOVE this tool! You don’t have to plug it in or use a compressor which is awesome! You could rent one or do the project without it but we have so many projects it was worth the splurge!


Two Cream Storage Baskets: $24

Large Shoe Basket: $34

Small Wreath: $10

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