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“Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be so hard. I’m going back to the start…” -Coldplay I feel like this part of my favorite Coldplay song pretty much sums up the way I feel after getting our results from last treatment cycle last month. Hearing the nurse tell me that […]

“When we open up about our emotional challenges, admitting we are not perfect, we give others permission to share their struggles. Together we realize there is hope and we do not have to suffer alone…” -Reyna I. Alburto The most common question we got asked even before we got married was when were the babies […]

Welcome to our new website and logo!!! After spending the week in sunny Arizona at a photography conference I realized that I needed to make some major changes! I wanted a brand that reflected our team as a whole and a website that showcased how we can best serve all of you! Whether you just […]

Puppy’s go through many stages but I think it is safe to say the least favorite is the biting/mouthing stage! Right now Creed is loving to bite on our shoes, ankles and legs and we are not having it haha! It is all fun and games until it actually hurts then things get real fast […]

When we first moved into our home I was so excited to start decorating! Someone asked me via instagram what my favorite home décor items were so I decided to write a blog post about two of my favorite pieces!  1. Chalkboard Calendar with Hooks: This insanely cool piece was made by Subtle Sawyer! Hudson […]

I’m sure at one point of another you have been disappointed by what your significant other did or didn’t do! I remember shortly after we got married I was hanging out with some friends and one of them mentioned how disappointed they were with what their significant other had done for their birthday! A few […]

WELCOME to our first home!!! Guys the past few weeks have been crazy moving states, starting a new job, unpacking, etc. but we are finally settled and so excited to be home! I’ve been so excited to share our home with you guys! It is still a work in progress but I figured now was […]

Christmas is my faaaavorite time of year! Growing up my parents made this time of year so special for us kids. One thing I am forever grateful that my parents taught me was that December is for serving others and doing as Christ would do! My fondest memories were anonymously leaving presents, food, gas money […]

A D D I C T I O N… if there is one thing I’ve learned this semester it is that we all have it. Maybe yours is alcohol or sweets, or anorexia. Maybe yours is out there for the world to see or maybe your doing everything you can to keep it hidden. I […]

This Bride Tip Tuesday is for all of you brides trying to find an affordable bridesmaids dress or to you bridesmaids tryinG to find an inexpensive dress you will love and your bride will too!! We have gathered our favorite bridesmaid dresses in multiple color options under $100 to help with your search!! There are […]

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