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So you are ready to get engaged… CONGRATS!! That is such an exciting time for couples and let’s be real shopping for the ring that symbolizes your marriage and relationship is HUGE! We know that there are soooo many ways to go about engagement ring shopping so we decided to share the three most common […]

For today’s KOP Bride Tip Tuesday we are covering the TOP 5 THINGS PEOPLE FORGET on their wedding day! After shooting weddings for 2 years I have seen a lot of oops moments so here are the most popular so you don’t forget on your big day!! Wedding Rings: Yupp you probably wouldn’t have thought […]

Let’s be real moooost of us aren’t born with a golden tan but don’t want to look pasty white on our wedding day! I totally get it BUT the last thing you want it to look like a scaly peely mess if your spray tan goes wrong on your big day! To give you the […]

Today’s bride tip is all about bustles for your wedding dress! What are them? Why do we need them? We will be covering all the bustle related! So first things first: a bustle is something a seamstress can sew into the dress to bring up the train so it is easier to move around after […]

Today we are going to talk veils!! I feel like a lot of brides view them as old fashioned or out dated but I’m here to tell you they are pure MAGIC!!! A few common misconceptions is that if you get a veil you have to wear it the whole wedding and that isn’t the […]

I am a huge fan of wedding traditions and one of the oldest wedding day traditions is “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…” This tradition dates back to an old Victorian-era rhyme from Lancashire England that brides used for “good luck” back in the 1800’s. Fast forward to today and I love seeing […]

You have planned the PERFECT wedding down to the very last detail and then you see the forecast and it is supposed to RAIN! I grew up with stories from my mom about their rainy wedding day and was always told it was good luck;) I know some of you may be discouraged by the […]

We reached out to some of our beautiful brides for what makeup worked best for them on their wedding day and included a few of our favorites from both drugstore and high-end brands! NYX Pore Filler Primer, $13 at Walmart Similar to the high end, Benefit Professional Primer, this leaves your skin smooth and flawless […]

When I got married, I used faux flowers in my bouquet and for decorations to save some money and originally was upset that I couldn’t afford the real flowers I had always dreamed of. However, a month before I was married, my sister in law got married. For their wedding, they had absolutely stunning roses. […]

Taylor was so much fun to work with and although she is stunning, she has such a down-to-earth personality that really shown through each of the pictures! She is a soccer and volleyball player who will be graduating this coming spring with her senior class of 2019 in North Dakota. She is leaning towards attending […]