KOP Bride Tip Tuesday | 3 Ways to Shop for Engagement Rings

December 10, 2019

So you are ready to get engaged… CONGRATS!! That is such an exciting time for couples and let’s be real shopping for the ring that symbolizes your marriage and relationship is HUGE! We know that there are soooo many ways to go about engagement ring shopping so we decided to share the three most common in this KOP Bride Tip!

  1. Traditional: Some couples are all about traditions! Having your man surprise you with your ring is super special! Hudson 100% picked out my ring on his own and I have to say I loved it! Knowing that it was something he thought of on his own made me love it that much more! You can definitely opt to have it be a surprise and to trust in the taste of your partner!:)
  2. Compromise: Maybe you want to be surprised buuut you also kind of want to give some directions! That is totally understandable haha! We recommend setting up an engagement ring Pintrest board and sharing it with your boyfriend! You can include a couple different styles of engagement rings. Another option is to go shopping together and pick 2-5 that you love and let him have the final say! This still allows for an element of surprise and gives him a little guidance but still the final say.
  3. Girls Pick: Typically this is a big purchase! And I get that some of you know exactly what you want and want to make sure that is what you get! There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want;) Make it a fun date and go ring shopping together! Jewelers can keep your ring wants on file and your boyfriend can go back to purchase! If you still want to have an element of surprise you can still have that for the engagement! Just because you know what the ring looks like doesn’t mean that the engagement itself won’t be a surprise!:)

We hope these three scenarios help when it comes to picking your engagement ring! Comment below what you would want to do! If you are looking for someone to capture your wedding day click HERE!

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