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December 18, 2019

I feel like a HUGE Thank You is in order since we first announced our infertility diagnoses! Sharing was really hard but we have both felt and real sense of peace and community as you have reached out, shared your support and even some of your own silent struggles to conceive! There have been a lot of questions coming in about our treatment plan: what are our next steps, how did we choose, when do we start, etc. So today we are updating everyone on our next steps! Whether you are just checking in or curious about your own journey we love and appreciate you! Feel free to comment or reach out with any questions! I will also be doing a Q&A on my story today because I know it can all be super confusing!! Haha so let’s begin…

I’m going to start by taking us back to our appointment! We first met with the amazing Dr. Slater who is literally Christina Yang for any Greys Anatomy fans;) She sat us down and went over our history and laid out all of the facts for us! She didn’t sugar coat anything and I really appreciated it! I am full of enough emotions that I really don’t need our doctor to be full of it either;) She then proceeded to tell us that she recommends we start with IUI + Clomid + Injections for three cycles max then move on to something even more intense assuming all of the tests we are about to run came back clear.

The ultrasounds showed a potentially large cyst that we will continue to monitor but other than that great and all of Hudson’s tests came back perfect and blood work was all fine! So what is the problem? We may never know! 10% of couples with infertility have undiagnosed infertility. There is a decent chance I have Endometriosis (a lot of the symptoms are present) but with out surgery they won’t know for sure and this is the same treatment plan we would most likely be doing. I have another test where they will check to make sure there isn’t any blockage and as we go through each cycle we will have lots of ultrasounds and blood work to find out more information and answers to whyyyyy! So thats that haha!

When we tell people what our treatment plan we usually get confused looks because people have no clue what half of what we are talking about even is so I am going to try to clear it up because a year ago I had no clue either haha! We can’t start treatment until my next cycle (hopefully within the next week) then I take a high pill dosage of clomid (ovulation drug) for 5 days. On day three I head to Boise for more testing and ultrasounds where they will then determine how many shots I need to take each day and when. Our goal is to have one singleton baby but with the medication I am on there is a risk for multiples (honestly we would be stoked for whatever God wants to send our way multiples included;)). The first cycle we are trying to get two (maybe three) eggs to mature and release.

Then after the shots I continue to take ovulation predictor kits at home and call when I get a positive and come in asap to do the IUI aka Intrauterine Insemination (Click HERE for more info on that it’s hard to explain haha) and we keep our fingers crossed and keep prayin that Baby Sauer will come!

So how are we doing?! That also seems to be a hot topic haha! I can’t speak for Hudson but I know after our appointment we were both full of a lot of hope and optimism! I feel like for a few days I let myself really dream. I almost saw that vision of Hudson holding our baby come back into focus but with that comes A LOT of anxiety and worry and stress. What if it doesn’t work? What if we miscarry? What if we do this for three cycles and no baby? GIRL STAY IN YOUR LANE!! That is literally what I tell myself when the downward cycle starts because newsflash I can only control 1. My attitude and 2. My responsibility for treatment: takin pills and shots and showin up to appointments on time! The rest I might as well not worry about. Last week we ordered the medication and got it and that made me a little more panicky haha! The needles are HUGE and I am not even scared of needles but I am really doubting my ability to give that to myself and Hudson took one look and really is doubting his capabilities too haha! So we shall see who ends up doing that!

Overall we are super blessed and hopeful! For the first time in over a year we are moving in a direction and that alone feels really positive. I hope this update makes some sense and updates everyone following the journey:) WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

Happy Holidays!!


Hudson & Kylee & Creed

  1. Maria Studtmann says:

    I cannot imagine how hard this is for you guys. I know that God has amazing plans for both of you. Stay strong we will pray for a little baby sauer

  2. Aprile says:

    We struggled too… lots of tests and everything can back normal but 5 years of no baby is anything but normal , right? All the emotions… I’d love to share with you our personal journey. There is Hope sweet lady… God is author of all things but that doesn’t make it easy believe me I know . I carried 4 beautiful children full term and even though my first born is 21 … my heart will never forget those empty days … ❤️✨#idahohome

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