Caldwell Couples Session | Grahm & Syd

February 20, 2020

I love getting to hear my couple clients stories on how they met and this is what they sent to me and it is so sweet.

“When asked to write about how we met, no magical Hollywood “meet cute” comes to my mind. Simply because there has never been a moment that we’ve spent together that hasn’t felt like she’s always been my best friend. Sure we spent close to seven years as complete strangers, after already having been best friends for close to two years, but after I happily ran into her at her work, and decided to continue to “accidentally” run into her day after day to buy coffee that I wouldn’t ever drink, just to talk to her. . Well the rest is history! And now, we cherish every last movie, dinner date, and awkward laugh that we have together before I take my first six month leave to earn my place among the USAF 🇺🇸” – Grahm   

I am so blessed to be a huge part of capturing memories that people get to cherish and I am so thankful this adorable couple let me capture this precious time together.



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