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September 13, 2020

Elsie’s birth was one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve had in my entire life. No amount of thinking, worrying or planning could have prepared us for it❤️ It was beyond beautiful and so unique and special to us❤️ However parenthood finds you it is so magical❤️

Thursday August 6th we got a txt from Elsie’s birth mama saying that she was experiencing back pain and went in to the doctors but she wasn’t very dilated and the contractions were consistently 10 minutes a part! They sent her home and told her when they were five minutes a part to come back! I was sooooo anxious and was hopeful that maybe she would come before her Saturday induction! However that night before bed when I checked in she told me they had slowed way down to one an hour! I told Hudson and we went to bed thinking it would be a few days☺️

Friday morning I slept in and decided it would be a pajama day haha! I got a slow start and I figured I should finish working on the hospital bag. As soon as I opened it my phone rang and it was Elsie’s birth mom! My voice was so shaky and we were both laugh/crying as she told me that the contractions had gotten way worse so they went in this morning and she was dilated to an EIGHT!! I was so shocked!! She told us to head in so I called Hudson and he raced home!! I hurried and threw our hospital bags together and grabbed her car seat + diaper bag and we got in the car to make our way there!! 

Once we got there I am not going to lie I was soooo nervous. I didn’t know what to expect with an adoption and was worried the staff wouldn’t know either🙈 From the moment we walked in I felt nothing but love. Everyone was so kind and helpful and made us feel so comfortable and right at home! We got checked into our room on the recovery floor and spoke with the director❤️ She was incredible and told us that Elsie’s birth parents were doing good and that they might want me in the room. I started bawling! We had thought that it wouldn’t be an option and I was fully prepared to anxiously wait in our room until we got an update😭 I was beyond grateful that I would be able to witness that moment that our sweet girl came into the world. 

After a while they came in and told me she was ready to push! I walked into the room and her birth parents were incredible. The love I felt in that room brought me to tears multiple times as I watched them comfort each other, cheer each other on, and her birth mom push through the tears and pain as Elsie Mae made her entrance into the world❤️

Words can’t describe what happened within the first few moments she was here❤️ Her birth parents wanted to spend sometime with her and I decided it would be best to wait in the hallway! I knew that time was so special for them and I didn’t want to interfere❤️ I gave them both a hug and went into the hallway. As I waited in the hallway I prayed that no matter what happened within the next minutes or hours that God would help everyone to find peace and comfort❤️ I wasn’t sure if I would see Elsie Mae again if I’m being honest and I just prayed that no matter what we would all be ok. As soon as I finished the door open and they wheeled Elsie into the hallway and into my arms I crumbled into 1000 pieces in that instant😭❤️ I knew she was ours❤️ I pulled myself together and wheeled her to be weighed and measured.

She was 7 pounds even and was 19 inches long❤️ I got to wheel her into our room to Hudson who had been anxiously waiting❤️ He melted when he saw her and together we hugged, cried, and loved on her😭 It was magical! We did skin to skin, cuddled and learned all things parenthood!! She took her bottle like a champ and loved her formula which was a huge relief for me! We changed our first diapers and had our first hilarious moment of parenthood when the nurses came back the next morning and wanted to known if she had peed since we had our question marks on the chart each time we changed her haha! Hudson and I were like well it was hard to tell if she peed of not with the meconium poo so we just put question marks! She then informed us that the little yellow strip on the diaper turned blue if she pees and I think we both died laughing😂 

Our first night with Elsie Mae was magical… I’m pretty sure I didn’t even sleep I just stared at her all night long! The next day we were able to go home after she passed all of her tests with flying colors! We absolutely adore her and love having her in our home! The sweet spirit she brings makes my days so bright and full! I am so grateful for our Sauer Party of 3!!


Kylee Olivia

p.s. Shout out to Lauryn for taking our amazing newborn pictures!!

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