My Carry On Must Have’s!

March 3, 2018

Ahhhh guys! I am freaking OUT! This is my first Travel blog post! Traveling is something that I am SO passionate about and am so happy to share it with you! After being on like a ton of flights in my short life so far haha (12 last summer alone) I thought it was fitting to start with my Carry On Must Have’s! We all know we are allowed one carry on soooo what do you pack?

I get bored soooo easily on flights! I will say that my long flight (6+ hours) carry on is different than my normal! I always use a backpack #scoliosis girl here! I still have a lot of space but I am not lugging around a big over the shoulder bag! My current backpack of choice is my Cara Loren X Fawn Design Bag! It is MASSIVE! Roomie enough to fit lots of goodies! It also has a ton of pockets and one on your back to put your passport so you aren’t worried about someone stealing it! Also the laptop sleeve is a bonus as well as the adjustable straps so I can make it a back pack or over the shoulder! 

-Lap top: I love to edit or watch a movie

-Camera: too scared to check it haha

-Portable charger: we all know airports lack charging stations haha

-Hand Sanitizer: GERM FREAK right here #noshame! I keep at least one or two on me whenever I fly

-Chapstick: no worse feeling than needing chapstick and not having any… enough said

-Headphones: some flights give them but I like to be prepared!

-Jacket: I freeeeeze on planes every time without fail! So even if I am headed to a hot destination I bring a light zip up with me!

-Book: I love to read! Whether it’s an ebook or hard copy I always bring one!! 

-Lotion: My hands get so dry and bath and body works sleep lotion is so calming!! 

-Doterra: Serenity is the BEST to travel with especially if flying freaks you out! Just put a little on your forehead! 








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