Introducing the KOP Print Shop

October 2, 2019

Clients and future clients!! We are so excited to announce that we are officially offering our clients access to our high end print shop! This will ensure you have the option to print your images through the best companies out there! No more weird discolored prints and wasted money! Our clients will have the option to make greeting cards, thank you cards, invites, canvases, prints, framed prints, photo books, etc. all through their egallery! You can customize your orders and pick from an assortment of wood frames, photo book covers, font, and size! Of course you will always have the option to just download the high resolution right away but this gives you the choice and ease to do all of your print shopping in one place as soon as you get your pictures without moving images from one site to another!

Scroll through the pictures below to check out what it looks like to order through your gallery system!

Tell us what you think about the new print shop option in the comments below!!

If you or a friend need someone to capture your pictures contact us today to get on our schedule!






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