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January 21, 2020

Every couple wants their guests to have a great time at their wedding! Food can be a big element to your wedding day whether you are contemplating doing a sit down dinner or maybe just desserts this bride tip is for you! We are making a list of some of our favorite food’s we have seen at past weddings to help make this part of planning a little easier!

  1. Food Trucks: I love love love the idea of having food trucks to serve your wedding guests! I have seen multiple trucks at weddings and some with a single food truck and it provides a unique experience for your guests! Some of my personal favorites I have had are: pizza cone, taco truck, and wood fired pizzas truck!
  2. Crepes: Crepes are as simple or as intricate as you want them to be! You can make all the crepes ahead of time and keep them in a warmer. Provide guests with toppings like: fresh fruit, candy, caramel, chocolate, nuts, etc. if you want dessert crepes or if you want them to be a little more filling you can do toppings like: ham, sausage, cheese, salsa, egg, honey mustard, etc.
  3. Hot Chocolate Bar: I love a good old hot chocolate bar because the presentation can be soooo fancy! I have seen different syrups, toppings, whipped cream, marshmallows, etc. and it is such a cute set up and perfect for a fall or winter wedding!
  4. S’mores Bar: If you have a fire pit at your venue or want to create an open flame a S’mores bar is a fun dessert option for your guests! Fireside Mallow is my favorite gourmet marshmallow company and you can use this in any season!
  5. Street Tacos: A lot of the prep work for this can be done ahead of time which is nice! Street tacos are so yummy and are always a crowd fav! You can do different meats like chicken, beef, pork, or fish! And offer a variety of salsas/toppings!
  6. Dessert Table: You may not want to go through the hassle of providing dinner for your guests so a dessert bar is a great option for something for them to munch on! You can do a wiiiide variety of treats like: doughnuts, brownies, cake, cheesecake, cookies, cupcake, cake, truffles, macaroons, etc.! My favorite dessert bars are the ones overflowing with a ton of different options for people to pick from!
  7. Pie Table: This was the CUTEST thing!! It was a fall wedding and the couple did a pie table! It was full of every pie imaginable homemade with love! They displayed them on cute wooden slices and it was super unique and fun!
  8. BBQ: Nothing like some good ole comfort food to serve your guests! I think 90% of wedding food at our weddings last year was BBQ haha but its a pretty safe option because their is something for everyone! Brisket, chicken, pulled pork, etc. with different sauce options is very popular! Match is with salad, mac and cheese and rolls and you are set! I know a lot of my brides cater with Goodwood and Dickeys!

Trying to find the perfect food to serve your guests can be a challenge! In the end remember your budget AND you and your future partners likes! Because in the end it’s about YOU so don’t feel like you have to please any one else! I hope these ideas helped you in your planning! Leave a comment or pin this to your Pinterest board!


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