Date Night Ideas!

March 21, 2018

Did you know that both my husband and I go to school full time? I have my own business and my husband works a full time job too! To say our days can get pretty busy in an understatement haha! We both value quality time together soooo much and have found a way to make that happen even with all the day to day hustle! One word: DATE NIGHT!! We LOVE our date nights and they mean sooooo much to us! Last semester we picked Tuesday as our designated date night and took turns planning! This semester the day has varied each week we make sure to have a fun date where we spend time together! These dates don’t have to be big or extravagant its just the fact that we are together away from work and homework! I wanted to share some of our FAVORITE date night ideas! Hopefully you kind find something that works for you and your sweetheart!!

1. Pizza Making Contest: we go shopping together and pick out the ingredients and have our own little bake off haha! Sometimes we put pictures of the final pizza on social media and have people vote too haha!

2. Dinner and Shopping: We love trying new restaurants… or just going to our favs haha;) afterwards we will head to Sportsmans or Als and do some window shopping or head to Bath and Body Works for candles:)

3. Target Shooting: Hudson got an indoor shooting range pass at Als for Christmas so we have been getting good use out of that!! Thursday is ladies night so I shoot free and so does he so it is basically a free date night!! We always get the “Battleship” targets and have a competition to see who can sink their ships first haha!

4. At Home Movie Night: We have a futon and will pull it out and put all the pillows and plankets in our apartment on it and pop some popcorn or grab some Halo Top and watch a redbox movie!

5. Movie in the Woods: This is one we did in the fall and it was so much fun and I am so excited to do it again once it gets a little warmer!! We put blankets and pillows in our car and got our Fireside Mallow S’more Kit and watched a movie up the canyon and made s’mores!! 

6. Bowling: We looooveeeee bowling even though I’m terrible haha! Usually we do this with friends on a double date but we go bowling and have so much fun with it!!

7. Mini Golf: Hudsons personal fav haha! I love it too though! Willows Golf Park in Logan is the cutest mini golf course! On Thursday USU students golf for only $2! Sometimes they have live bands there too! 

8. Hiking: Last summer when we were in Logan we did this in the evenings after our classes and it was so much fun! Logan has some amazing trails and we had a lot of fun going and exploring them! 

9. Park: If it’s warm out we like to go to the park!! Some of out fav park activities are: bocce ball, catch, and hammocking! It’s super low key but way fun!!

10. Temple Night: We really want to do better about making time to go to the temple together so we set a designated day every other week go!

11. Ok sooo if you are feeling like you want to do something a little more pricey or willing to drive a bit here are our favorites!: Jazz game, concert, midway ice castles, top golf, hot springs/hot tubbing, 











  1. Kambrea Harris says:

    I love this and definitely needed it! Me and my husband are both going to school and working too so date night dosent happen as often as it should! But it’s something I’ve wanted to work on! I love that you pick a set night and switch off planning!

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