Cade & Abby

May 25, 2018

When Cade and I first started seeing each other we both agreed we weren’t looking for anything serious. All we wanted to do was enjoy each other’s company. At the time, Cade was going on his second year in the Marine Corps and was stationed at Camp Pendleton. Whenever Cade came home to Idaho to visit, we would go on dates and spend time together. Before we knew it we were falling for each other. Right before Cade left for his first deployment, we decided to “officially” start dating. After waiting for seven months, Cade came home from his deployment. He had two weeks post deployment to come home and we were inseparable. We both knew that we wanted something serious. We found ourselves traveling to see each other as often as we could, regardless of what it took to get there. At this point we had been dating over a year and were confident about what we wanted. Cade proposed while we were at the airport saying “goodbye” to each other. Cade was training for another deployment and was leaving soon. We knew we wanted to be husband and wife before Cade left again for seven months. One month after we got engaged we decided to have a small wedding with our immediate family. It was such a beautiful moment we got to share with the ones closest to us. Cade and I spent a total of 14 days together as husband and wife before he had to leave for deployment. We communicated when we could and I sent a care package every chance I could. Regardless of how far we were physically from each other, we felt the love in our hearts. Here we are, one year of marriage and Cade is officially out of the military and home for good. Here we are one year later as husband and wife, and we finally get to live under the same rooftop. Through our long distance relationship and our time together, Cade has taught me more than I could imagine. He has shown me the beauty in any challenge, comfort in difficult times and pure love regardless of how far away we are from each other. Our journey together has shown us love has no boundaries and it will continue to do so. Love challenges us, it changes us and it inspires us. Here’s to the rest of our life together. 

-The Summers






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