Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

November 13, 2018

Wedding favors are an easy way to set your wedding a part! There are so many unique and fun things to give your guests! After this jam packed wedding season I decided to give you a list of my favorite wedding favors I saw! Comment below which one was your favorite!!

1. Personalized Deck of Cards : I loved this idea!! Hudson and I love playing cards and it had a nice hard case too so it was awesome!! 

2. Wedding Bug Bite Relief : This one is awesome for summer weddings especially if you know there are mosquitos at your venue! 

3. Chapstick : One can NEVER have too much chapstick!! Especially when it is homemade and smells good enough to eat!! 

4. Wild Flower Seeds : Supposedly this is a thing but I literally had never seen it before and thought it was SO COOL!!! Especially if your wedding is in the nature!

5. Assorted Kisses : I loved when the bride and groom had a bag full of hershey kisses in their wedding colors with a note that said “Hugs and Kisses from the Mr. and Mrs.” I decided to copy one of my brides and use this for our own wedding!! 

6. Customized Tea Towel : This one was awesome! Especially if you are having a sit down dinner! One of my brides had them set at each setting with different words like : Love, Faith, Home, etc. It was so unique!! 

7. Custom Wedding Fan: If you are having an outdoor wedding I highly recommend this! Some weddings in the summer are so hot! Guests will be thanking you for this gift! I linked one that is a little more money but I loved that it used the program!

8. Succulents: I love the idea of giving your guests their own little succulent to take home! You can by them in bulk too which is nice!

9. Personalized Luggage Tags: I think this one would be perfect for a destination wedding! You could put cute little sayings on them!

10. Mints: This one is simple, cute, and affordable! I highly recommend especially if you are on a budget or not wanting to do anything super extravagant!






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